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2019 Study Group Show

"The November 2019 monthly meeting at St Lukes was, once again, dedicated to our Study Groups Show. As in previous shows we were entertained by the ever popular and lively Ukulele Group, Fun Singers and Senior Moments. The Recorders Group ensured that serious classical music was not ignored and gave a very polished performance.

This year for the first time we had contributions by the Folk Singing Group and the Radio Production Group. These new additions to the programme were particularly welcomed by the audience, especially the Radio Production Group as its spoken word act gave us something other than music.

The show was held together by the irrepressible Alan Rose, ‘Mr Showtime’, who kept us entertained between the acts with an endless supply of jokes. In keeping with our audience ‘of a certain’ age he included several Tommy Cooper jokes and even wore a fez to go with them!

It is hoped that we can have another show next year. In the meantime all of our study groups are encouraged to stretch their imaginations as to how they could give a lively, interesting and entertaining short performance illustrating what they do. We are keen to increase the variety of acts and to include different study groups each year." Peter Hutchinson

You can watch the performances again by clicking on the links below.
2019 Radio Production Group
2019 Newkulele
2019 Fun Singers with Newkulele
2019 Folk Singers
2019 Recorder Group
2019 Senior Moments

Thanks are due to Peter Prosser our photographer, to Tony Yates our video cameraman and to Peter Prosser (again) and David Silver who produced and uploaded the final edited video files.

The full set of 2019 Show Photographs (stills) can be viewed and/or downloaded from Dropbox - just click on the link. Here is a sample of them. Use the arrows at the sides of the big image to scroll through.