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WPU3A Latest Headlines (public content)

The Covid-19 crisis - what crisis?

Things are beginning to open up, and soon we will be back to normal - or as close as we can get to normal whilst the dreaded Covid-19 is still around.

We are still using Zoom for some meetings, but the September 2021 monthly meeting will be in person, at St. Luke's Church Hall. We will have a speaker in the room and there will be refreshments available. We will have to take some extra precautions, but at least we can meet and talk to one another without the need for a computer screen.

Similarly, some groups are already meeting in person and others are soon to follow. We all know that we have to be careful, but we can't hide away for ever. Go to the group pages to see which groups are now fully operational.


Things to do

If you are stuck for something to do you will find lots of ideas in the "Online entertainment sources" section of the Useful Links page. 



If you need help or support then you may find useful contacts on the Covid-19 - Local Support page.


Main meetings

As stated above, monthly meetings from September 2021 onwards will hopefully be in person at the usual location. I say hopefully, because if we have learnt anything over the last few months it is that nothing is absolutely certain. Some precautions will be necessary and you will need to bring a mask with you, but at least we will all be in the same room.

Study Groups

Many groups are starting to meet in person, but for some groups, meeting over Zoom has provided advantages. For instance, it has allowed groups to share meetings with other U3As or to attract speakers from far away. They will probably continue using Zoom, at least for some of their meetings. We had never heard of Zoom when this crisis started, and now we may find it difficult to leave it behind us.

The best place to find out which groups have started up again is the group pages on this website. 

Outings & Trips

The latest position on all trips is in the Events List. This is only available to members of WPU3A so you will have to login to get there.

Paper Newsletter

From September 2021 onwards, you will be able to collect a paper copy of the newsletter from the foyer at the monthly meetings. Copies will be sent out electronically to everybody who has an email address. Newsletters have been posted to members without email since the ;lockdown began, but this will cease once face-to-face meetings resume. Alternatively, if you log in to this website as a member, you will be able to read or download the current newsletter and every one produced since the start of Watford Park U3A. Once logged in  hover over News to make a dropdown list appear, then click on Monthly Newsletter.  Older copies can be found under the Newsletter Archive page.  

Herts Network of U3As

Several of their planned events have been hit, but fear not  Events are still being organised, initially using Zoom, but soon, face-to-face meetings will be started and there are plans for the return of talks and competitions. For the latest situation on individual events see the Herts Network of U3As Events page.

Watford Park website

Finally, don’t forget about the Watford Park website. If you are reading this you have found it!

As the Reverend Awdry would have said:” It’s a very useful engine”. You can now use it to easily email Study Group Leaders and EC members. If you have a question, a suggestion or idea, or any useful piece of news that you think should be communicated out to members then do please let someone know.

Study Group Leaders, it's a great tool for emailing out to your group members to let them know what is happening. Even if you don't have any good news right now, you should get ready for the great awakening and resumption of activities.

[Last updated 29 July 2021]