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Online Meetings

Necessity is the mother of invention, so the saying goes. Before the Coronavirus crisis and lock-down, face to face meetings were all we knew. Now we are unable to do that. If we want to meet at all with more than two people we have to learn to use the technologies that enable us to see and talk through our computer or phone screens.

Help is at hand. A new Online meetings Help page is available. It will take you quickly to known sources of help and advice about the new technologies. More will be added as we learn how to do it.

Even after the Coronavirus lock-down ends, it's not difficult to foresee that life and meetings will never quite return to normal. Online meetings will have become part of the scenery and we will continue to use this new technology as an everyday convenience.

In all likelihood, some Study Groups will usually meet (or only meet) online. Online Scrabble. Online Crossword Solving. Online Current Affairs. The possibilities are endless.