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Help for Online Meetings

With the Coronavirus lock-down in full effect and face to face meetings impossible at the moment, you may wish to explore whether you could hold your meetings online instead. This page contains links and information that may help you.

If you know of other useful information that could be published here, for the benefit of members, please contact the System Administrator or Webmaster, through these email links.


Below you will find information and resources under the following headings. Please click on one to take you to that section.

Videoconferencing Help and advice from Bookham U3A on some commonly used conferencing software products and how to use them.

Products to hold your device How you can keep your tablet of phone under control during an online meeting.



Bookham U3A have published some information and help regarding the use of two popular videoconferencing Apps, Zoom and Skype. These links may be helpful to members and SGLs who are considering using these tools. Both are available to use for free.

There are several other similar Apps available and USA Today has done some analysis of some of them. You can read their article, just click on the link.


Products to hold your device

If your online meeting just involves sitting at a table and talking to other people that you can see on your laptop / tablet / phone then you probably don't need anything special to hold it. However, if you are moving about and you need to be seen then a holder for your device will really help. This is certainly true for the Pilates class for example.

Here are details of some products that could make your online meeting better for you. They are available for online purchase and delivery to your home.

1. Sticky pad    (Click for details)

If all you need to do is place your device on the floor and leaning against the wall or skirting, this small mat may help you keep it stable and stop it slipping.

Cost is £6.50 plus delivery from YogaMad.

2. Tablet holder    (Click for sample details)

If you have an iPad or another kind of tablet computer there are holders available that allow you to hold and position it very precisely. Most originate from the music industry and are designed to clamp to a microphone stand but you can improvise with a broom handle or a tubular chair leg. Once secured they can be rotated and tilted to point your device in almost any direction.

The link above takes you to the TGI tablet holder. Others are available but this one offers the best positioning and adjustment. It is suitable for any tablet with an approximately 10 inch screen, including iPads. It will not fit phones or small tablets.

The cost is £14 upwards, plus postage from some suppliers.You may need to shop around for the best price. Try a Google search for "TGI tablet holder".

3. Phone holder

No link here, you will have to do a Google search. Most in-car phone holders stick to the windscreen but some slide into your CD player slot. This type might work in your home - provided you have a CD player of course!  Equally, there are phone holders available that are designed to clamp to a microphone stand, but could equally well clamp to a tubular chair leg, or something similar.